Top 8 Law Universities in Karachi 2021

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The hub of Business Avenue in the country land is recognized to be Karachi. With Karachi being developed over the years in terms of career opportunities, education scope and even domestic up-bringing. The extent to which the education domain has evolved in Karachi is immense as well. From such developed domains that are available for students to avail in Karachi is the field of Law. Law Education and its reach as a professional career has undoubtedly amplified the interest of students to pursue the subject for mostly to serve their home land and then to fulfil their personal objectives as well.

The quality of law education that has been providing within the universities of Karachi are not in any way lesser than the one that is of international standard. With faculties and on campus facilities being upgraded to give an environment that fully justifies the content of the education providing in the premises of the university. Quotes by law makers, jurisdictions and other legal terms being hanged on the walls of the universities gives the students a reminder about the motive that they are trying to achieve with full dedication.

Law Colleges in Karachi

To justify the above mentioned narrative, we have jotted down the top 8 law universities and colleges in Karachi as of year 2021 that are promising in their ways:

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto- University of Law (SZABUL)

With having the acknowledgement of being the first ever law university in Pakistan, SZABUL enjoys the position of a market leader that is competitive and par in its industry as well. The sole reason of putting SZABUL on the first rank is the objectivity behind the university. It aims to provide law education to education that is fully affiliated with Pakistani Laws and regulations. The university includes some of the most prestigious law scholars in its faculty as in Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi as Assistant Professor that sets the quality education of the university to a premium level.

The university further provides specialization in Law, Criminology and a doctorate degree in law education as well. Bachelors, Masters and as mentioned Ph.D education is provided at SZABUL.

Denning Law School

Having located in one of the posh post residential locality of Karachi. DLS is too busy to be covering a successful journey that enlighten the enrolled students with the quality education of Law and that too with offering a foreign exchange program from University of London (Law domain).

The school is on a priority list of parents that actually want their children to adopt their careers as a prestigious lawyer in foreign countries a well because the degree offered at DLS is affiliated with university of London and that has an honor and worth itself.

School of Law- University of Karachi

KU is the biggest university of Pakistan. The law school of KU offers a 2 and 5 year law program to students after opting for which the students can have a LLB and LLM in the respective domain.  The school promises to provide practical education of law to students as well along with theoretical knwoeldge that makes the school on the third position in the list of top law universities in Pakistan.

Bahria University

The university is navy controlled institute and a pro in the brief of law universities in Karachi. BU offers a 5 years L.L.B program that students with having an intermediate or A level background can avail and complete their law degree in a total of 10 semesters only.

Institute of Business Management

Private law colleges in Karachi includes IBM to be the most profound law school when it comes to quality law education and that too under the supervision of professionals of the field. LBM offers a 5 years L.L.B program and aims to provide nourishment to students who are opting for law courses.

Dadabhoy institute of Higher Education

The institute provides law degree in a total of ten semesters and that complement courses of arts and law in itself. Dadabhoy also offers a Ph.D in law education as well that students having a L.L.M degree can easily avail and solve their problems related to assignment writing help on their own.

Sindh Muslim Law College

LL.B universities in Karachi entail one of the oldest yet pioneer law college and that is SM Law College. The college is famous for its library that has the most golden category of readings that are direly related to our beloved country’s law foundations. Several prestigious personalities have been a student of the SM Law College that further polishes the reputation of the college.

Hamdard University

ith assessment and course outlines planned to carry out the inner professionalism and confidence of the student enrolled in law program. Hamdarad University is established since for now 20 years now and is successfully continuing to provide better to their students when it comes to professional and praising law education in the year 2021.

The list can be further elongated with more private law colleges in Karachi but as of now the aforementioned law schools are a pro in their field and are continuing to shine their way as they provide quality service to their students.